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In need of gutter installation, repair or replacement in Alameda or surrounding areas? Call us Today at (510)-525­-0880 for a FREE gutter installation, repair or replacement estimate. Seamless or regular, copper or aluminum, black or white. You name it – we do it! We don’t just install gutters – we take time to explain all different options to you and help you select the best one for your home or commercial building. This simple investment will prevent all potential water problems in the future and make your home or commercial building look even better.

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Rain gutters are an integral part of your home’s exterior yet many homeowners overlook the importance of having a properly operating rain gutter system.

A good rain gutter system will protect your home from damage and give you peace of mind knowing your home will maintain its investment value for years to come. Gutters aren’t fun and they certainly are not glamorous but they do handle an important job. Diverting the water runoff from your roof away from your house. By doing this, they keep your house high and dry. Protect your siding, windows, doors and foundation from costly and unsightly water damage. When your gutter system is damaged or defective, water is allowed to run down the side of your house and soak into the foundation. Over a period of time, this compromises the integrity of your foundation, which is a costly problem to fix. Many people don’t give much thought to their rain gutters but old or damaged gutters can cause other problems too, such as wood rot, landscape erosion, ruining your paint and staining your home’s siding. Of course, all these things can be avoided by simply replacing your gutters before any harm is done.

Call or click to schedule an appointment We will be glad to come to your home or building for a free estimate of your project. Upon arrival, we will measure the job, discuss all available options, and provide you with a written quote to install a continuous rain gutter system, complete with gutters, end caps, meters and down spouts. A wide variety of colors are available and are almost always in stock.

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All colors are baked-on enamel, easily maintained and never need to be repainted. Depending on the time of year, installation can usually be scheduled within a few days.

Available in Steel, Aluminum, or Copper our gutters are produced at the job-site to your specifications. With 6 different styles and a variety of colors to choose from, we can accommodate all of your gutter needs.


Seamless gutters are the most popular type today. The biggest selling point is that they don’t have any seams which could potentially leak. The sections join only at inside and outside corners and at downspout outlets. Seamless gutters are usually formed from aluminum that has a baked on finish, but they may be made from copper or factory painted steel. They are made with a special machine that’s brought to your home by a gutter contractor. These types of gutters can not be installed by do­-it-­yourselfers.

Gutters not only add beauty to a home or property, but also protect by directing water away from the building. Sunshine Gutters PRO is proud to offer continuous gutters in a variety of colors, material types, sizes and styles. Sunshine Gutters PRO custom gutters are extruded from coil stock onsite using a custom gutter fabrication machine that is operated by Interstate employees.

Steel vs Aluminum

Aluminum gutters are a great product. They don’t rust, are available in popular colors, can be painted to match other colors and can be shaped quite easily. These rain handling devices have been around for close to 30 years. Prior to the early 60’s gutters were made from galvanized steel. Steel gutters were strong and durable. However, installing them took talent. Joints required solder. Painting them was a challenge. If you didn’t remove the mill oil finish, the paint would rapidly peel. Aluminum gutters offered a breakthrough in technology.


Comparison Points

If you are selecting gutters for your house, I suggest you focus your attention on important attributes that pertain to how long the system will last. For example, how are the gutters attached to your home? Old fashioned spikes and ferrules or new floating hangers? Floating hangers allow the gutter to expand and contract. Spikes and ferrules do too. But guess what? The spikes and ferrules will loosen over time as the gutters go back and forth!

What about the thickness of the gutter material? The best aluminum gutters are made using aluminum that is .032 inch thick. A thinner material may dent or crease when a branch strikes it or you set a ladder against it.

We pride ourselves on the high level of service we provide to all our clients, whether they are homeowners or business owners. Sunshine Gutters PRO believes that great communication is the foundation for strong customer relations, and establishes an open line during the first meeting with a potential client. We realize that our clients have many options from which to choose, and want them to see why Sunshine Gutters PRO is the clear choice for delivering a quality product at an affordable price.